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Providing Owners with On-Going Support and Assistance with End-of-Life Decisions

Facing a companion animal's serious or terminal illness can often be difficult and confusing. When pets struggle with profound medical conditions, owners often find themselves in situations where they think that euthanasia is the only option. However, not every condition is devastating enough to warrant urgent and immediate euthanasia. In many cases a terminal diagnosis, once the critical symptoms are controlled, can be managed with compassionate and palliative hospice care—similar to hospice care for human patients.

The MSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital now offers Veterinary Hospice Care in an effort to provide the "missing link" between terminal diagnosis and euthanasia. Veterinary Hospice Care provides in-home, veterinary-supported palliative care to pets so they can maintain a good quality of life and live comfortably until natural death or euthanasia occurs.